KG Hypnobirthing

​KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during birth.

I will teach you methods of deep relaxation and help you achieve a calm and positive attitude to your birth.

​A full programme can be completed in 2 x 4 hour sessions at a time and day that suits you for £200.
(For clients outside of a 30 mile radius an additional charge of 40p per mile will be added.)

​I provide this free of charge, incorportated into your antenatal care if you have booked with me for a maternity package.

Benefits of KGHypnobirthing for Your Baby and You

* You are likely to experience a more comfortable and sometimes pain free birth.
* Your baby will arrive to a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended.
* Length of labour is often much shorter with Hypnobirthing births.
* Less drugs and medical intervention are used in Hypnobirthing births allowing your baby to develop naturally and easily after they arrive.
* Mums often bounce back quicker after a Hypnobirthing birth as the physical impact of giving birth is reduced.
* Your birth partner will learn how to support you and have a central and active role in the birth. A truly shared and loving experience.

The benefits to you are obvious, but the long term benefits to your baby cannot be over-estimated.

“You can find good information about babies and birth in many places, but hypnobirthing is the only thing I know that actually makes a difference to your experience of giving birth. I cannot promise the perfect birth. Nothing can, and to do so would be ridiculous and not true. However my experience is that KG Hypnobirthing always makes a difference, and a very big difference too. It is a privilege to be a teacher and to be invited into your life at such a special time in order to make it even better.”

Katharine Graves. Founder of KGH & best-selling author