Placenta Remedies

​I am a fully qualified placenta remedy specialist and a member of The Placenta Remedies Network.

​Although there is no strong scientific evidence supporting the benefits of placenta remedies currently, I have seen first hand the amazing effects that placenta consumption has had on some of my clients. Research is being carried out at this time and results should be available in the coming years.

Suggested benefits:

* It's been observed that placenta remedies can increase milk supply.

* The hormones and nutrients contained in your placenta have been shown to increase energy levels in new mothers, speed up the healing process and balance excessive peaks and drops in hormone levels.

* Placenta remedies can help avoid baby blues and post-natal depression. Post-natal depression has been linked with severe and sudden lack of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B6 and hormone CRH after birth, both of which are in high supply in the placenta.

* Your placenta is extremely high in iron, amino acids and essential fats which is believed to be the perfect replenishment following birth to help in the recovery of blood loss. Infact women who consume a placenta smoothie have been found to bleed significantly less after birth.


Placenta Smoothie:

A raw placenta smoothiethat is made on the day of the birth in your own home or at the hospital. It gives you the benefit of an immediate boost to aid recovery and initiate breastfeeding. It is made with a small piece of your placenta, blended with banana, fresh red berries and spring water.
I will visit you to prepare your smoothie if I am not already present at the birth of your baby.


Homeopathic Remedies:

Two remedies will be supplied, one for Mother, one for baby.
​They can be used throughout your life to bring balance and aid healing from within during illness, emotional challenges or difficult life transitions. These can be made using a small, fresh piece of your placenta or one of your capsules.


Placenta Encapsulation:

There are two types of capsules available. ​

One processes your placenta with a simple/raw method, the other processes your placenta using steaming. ​

The main difference between the two options available to you is that the raw capsules are considered to be more energy yileding, the steamed capsules are considered to be more healing centred. I am more than happy to prepare you placenta in both ways and provide you with a half and half option.

​The simple/raw process involves me collecting your placenta personally, washing it gently in water, dehydrating it and then grinding it into a powder which I then place into vegetarian capsules.

​The steamed process involves me collecting your placenta personally, washing it gently in water, steaming it for a short time with a m ixture of lemon, chilli and ginger and then dehydrating it, grinding it into a powder and placing into vegetarian capsules.

​£200 for single process, £250 for half and half, plus additional mileage costs of 40p per mile for any distance travelled over 30 miles.